Guest comments

Providence rarely leaves visitors feeling indifferent.....

"Thank you all for the stairway to heaven. See you soon!"
Cheryl, London

"I cannot overstate the beauty of my experience in Providence-- its idyllic setting, delightfully sensitive people, sweeping views of the Pyrenees from spacious private rooms, perfect balance of solitude and unintrusive community, healthy delicious meals joyfully presented-- its palpably powerful energy will enliven even the weariest of hearts and minds."
Bob, USA

"The angels have landed and created a little bit of heaven called Providence - Les Peyrouses. Thank you Julie and Francois."
Trevor and Dalphy, Australia

"Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. We both enjoyed the relaxing break, will definitely look to return! Absolutely lovely- so peaceful."
Zhada and John, U.K.

"A paradise connected with the all, the source, the divine... Here it has been possible to take stock, reflect and be reminded that all is as it should be, we are all one and the light is always present. Thank you for sharing - love, beauty and yourselves."
Sallie, USA

"I had a lovely time. Many thanks for the serenity and peace of your place, the special considerations you offered which made me feel so welcome. I hope we meet again."
Maureen, Ireland

"Providence-- for me it was like stumbling into Paradise-- idyllic surroundings, delightful people, the perfect blend of solitude and caring concern, delicious health restoring nutrition, amazing positive energy-- I shall return again and again..."
Robert, USA

"Fullness, richness, fun, joy, peace and magic, that all doesn't sum up my time here, there is so much more. Heartfelt thanks and much love to everyone."
Denise, U.K.

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